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IOP for Mental Health

If you are looking for an IOP for mental health issues, New Dimensions can help. New Dimensions has Intensive Outpatient Programs for both adolescents and adults. We have locations in Katy, The Woodlands, and the Clear Lake area of Houston, Texas. Our programs are...

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How to Prevent PTSD

Trauma can happen to anyone. In fact, current estimates are that as many as 70% of adults in the US have experienced trauma in their lives. Of those who experience trauma, around 20% develop PTSD as a result of their experiences. In order to help you prevent a...

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Worthwhile New Year Resolutions

In the spirit of beginning the New Year with worthwhile resolutions, we have listed a few ideas to get you started. To be more kind to others To be more kind to ourselves To be more present with those we care about To be more forgiving To be more understanding To seek...

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How to Connect with Your Family During the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to connect with family and friends. Unfortunately, for many people, the holidays can bring stress, frustration, and exhaustion. To keep from falling into this trap, I have listed some things you can do to connect with your family during...

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Intrusive Thoughts

If you have ever had intrusive thoughts, you know that they can be disturbing. For some people, intrusive thoughts can become overwhelming and can begin to consume increasing amounts of time, energy, and attention. To get control over these thoughts, it is helpful to...

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Mental Health Facilities

New Dimensions Day Treatment Centers has three mental health facilities in the greater Houston area. We provide Partial Hospitalization and Intensive Outpatient Treatment to adolescents and adults who are struggling with mental health or behavioral health issues. Our...

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Depression During the Holidays

The thought of the holidays arriving can bring a mixture of feelings. For some people, the holidays are a joyous time filled with family and friends. For others, the holidays can bring moments of stress and aggravation due to the increased demands, the increased...

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Why Do I Hate Myself?

Do you struggle with self-hate? Ever wonder why? Ever wonder how to stop self-hate? To answer these questions, it is helpful to first understand some of the most common reasons why some people develop self-hate. Low self-esteem Low self-esteem often develops because a...

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