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Areas of Expertise

New Dimensions Day Treatment Centers treats adults and adolescents with mental health and/or substance abuse issues. Since 1991, we have helped individuals and families heal the pain that is caused by depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, and other emotional or behavioral problems. Some of our areas of treatment expertise include:


Anxiety is a normal emotion that everyone experiences at some point in time. However, sometimes anxiety can become overwhelming and relentless, making it difficult to function. We can help you get your anxiety under control and teach you the skills you need to effectively manage your anxiety in the future.

Anger Issues

Anger is a normal emotion that is often temporary and situational. However, sometimes anger can become destructive. We have the expertise to help you learn effective ways of coping with anger.

Panic Attacks

If you have ever had a panic attack, you know how overwhelming and frightening it can be. We can help you learn the tools you need to manage your anxiety and stop the panic attacks so you can live a more effective life.

Bipolar Disorder

Bipolar disorder can be effectively treated. We have the expertise to help you get your mood swings under control so that you can get back to living a more stable and productive life.


Depression can be debilitating. It can zap your motivation to live and make simple tasks feel insurmountable. We have decades of experience helping individuals overcome depression and develop healthier patterns.

Severe Stress

Everyone has a breaking point with stress. If you are feeling overwhelmed and at your breaking point, reach out and we can help.

Trauma & PTSD

Trauma and PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) can happen to anyone. If left untreated trauma and PTSD can become debilitating. Fortunately, New Dimensions Day Treatment Centers can help. We have years of experience in helping individuals overcome trauma and PTSD.

Self-Esteem Issues

Self-esteem issues can affect all other areas of your mental health journey. We can help you learn how to build yourself up instead of tearing yourself down.

Suicidal Thoughts & Self-Harm

Suicidal thoughts and self-harm often coincide with depression and trauma. We can help you alleviate suicidal thoughts and develop healthier coping skills to replace self-destructive behaviors.

Alcoholism & Substance Abuse

Alcoholism and substance abuse can destroy your health, mental well-being, job, relationships, and every other aspect of your life. We can help you overcome your addictions so that you can start living the life you were meant to have.
Areas Of Expertise

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How Trauma Impacts and Changes the Brain

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