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How to Get Help for a Teenager Who Runs Away

It’s a parent’s worst fear – finding out that their teen has run away and not knowing where they might be. You're left wondering if they're safe, what you can do, and asking yourself what led them to take such dangerous action. While it’s natural to want to push the...

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How To Find Mental Health Treatment

Finally reaching the point at which you feel ready to ask for help from a professional is one of the most empowering places a person can get to. Struggling in silence has become the norm, and people across the world are battling mental health disorders or poor mental...

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The Devastating Impact of Drug Abuse on Families

Drug abuse is an insidious problem that goes far beyond just the individual using the substances; it affects everyone around them. Families bear the brunt of its consequences, as the addiction of a loved one can unravel the very fabric that holds them together. When a...

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Understanding Self-Harm

The act of harming oneself is a concerning behavior that is often challenging to comprehend for those who have never experienced the impulse to do it themselves. Contrary to what some believe, self-harm is not merely attention-seeking or a phase that someone will...

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How Alcohol Lowers a Person’s Life Span

Alcohol has long been associated with socializing and relaxation, to the point where it has become deeply ingrained in every celebration we experience. However, beneath its seemingly harmless allure lies a darker reality - alcohol has the power to significantly reduce...

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The Link Between Family Problems and The Workplace

The delicate balance between work and family often holds the key to a person’s happiness and quality of life. Without balance, it can feel as though one area is clouding the other. For employees, the challenges arising from family problems can bleed out into their...

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Preventing Burnout While Caring for Kids and Parents

For some of us, life is a never-ending juggling act, especially for those in what is being called the "sandwich generation”. These are the people who find themselves caring for both young children and aging parents at the same time. Balancing these responsibilities...

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How To Navigate Grief

Grief is a universal human experience that some people are apt to be faced with more often than others. Whether it's the passing of a loved one, the end of a relationship, or even the loss of a job, grief is a natural response to change. In this blog, we explore the...

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How To Get a Loved One into Rehab

Witnessing a loved one struggling with addiction is a heart-wrenching experience. Whether it's alcohol, drugs, or any other substance, the devastating impact on their physical and mental health, as well as relationships, can be overwhelming. Convincing someone to seek...

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