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How to Help Someone Who Is Being Bullied

Bullying has become a prevalent reality in today’s society, impacting the lives of many, especially children and teenagers. Witnessing someone we care about being bullied can leave us feeling helpless and lost as to how we can help.

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How to Have Difficult Conversations with Your Teenager

Having tough conversations with your teen is one of the hardest parts of parenting. For many, especially first-time teen parents, it can feel forced and uncomfortable to do so. Trying to figure out what topics to bring up and how to deliver your concerns can be...

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How the Economy Affected Young Adults in 2023

The global landscape is marked by economic uncertainties and challenges that cast a long shadow over the usual aspirations of young adults. From soaring inflation to the impacts of a post-pandemic world, the hurdles facing the younger generation are daunting.

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The Impact of Diet on Mental Health

What we put into our bodies has a direct impact on how we feel mentally. Unfortunately, many people continue to eat highly processed foods, consume alcohol, and keep their diet centered around convenience rather than health.

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Creating Healthy Habits for 2024

With so much happening in day-to-day life, maintaining a healthy lifestyle often takes a backseat to our hectic schedules. Even with limited time, forming healthy habits is not only possible but essential for improving our health and vitality.

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The Powerful Connection Between Environment and Mental Health

From anxiety and depression to stress and mood disorders, the spectrum of mental health challenges is complex, to say the least. While genetics and life experiences each play their own roles in shaping our mental health, an often underestimated factor that influences...

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