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How to Fight the Urge to Drink

Oct 22, 2018 | Addiction, Alcohol, Substance Abuse

When recovering from addiction, it is important to realize that sobriety is the foundation of your life. Sobriety doesn’t guarantee a good life, but good things become elusive without sobriety. The more you are convinced that everything in life depends on your sobriety, the greater your chance of getting sober and staying that way. To help you maintain sobriety, we have listed some steps you can take to help you fight the urge to drink.

  • Cultivate the idea that when you want to drink you are making a choice between returning to a crazy out-of-control lifestyle and doing without one drink or drug.
  • Remind yourself that you were able to realize your problem was addiction before it was too late.
  • Remind yourself that if you start drinking or doing drugs, you won’t be able to stop.
  • Accept the fact that the urge to drink or do drugs is normal and that these thoughts will pass if you give them time.
  • Tell others about your urge to drink and then ask for their help in getting through those urges.
  • Develop a plan of how to spend your day without drinking or doing drugs and then follow that plan.
  • Stop romanticizing alcohol or drugs. Quit telling yourself how great it would be if you could use it again. It is not true, and you know it.
  • Quit filling sorry for yourself about your inability to drink. Instead, focus on those things you are grateful for.
  • Talk about your feelings, rather than thinking about how drinking or doing drugs would make those feelings go away.
  • Develop healthy habits that replace drinking.
  • Remind yourself of the benefits of sobriety
    • Free of shame around your drinking or drugging.
    • Free of having to lie about your usage.
    • No hangover.
    • Free of the fear of getting out of control again.
    • Return of self-respect.
  • Cultivate a mindset of gratitude
    • Gratitude that you are in recovery and that simply by staying sober you can have so much more in life.
    • Gratitude that you found a solution.
    • Gratitude that others have found a way to stay sober and that they have shown you the way forward.
    • Gratitude that there is such a simple solution to such a devastating problem.

If sobriety has eluded you or if you find that you keep failing in your quest, now is the time to take a different approach. Addiction is the only disease where people live under the delusion that they don’t have a disease. If you have tried over and over to control your usage, but haven’t been successful, then quit trying to do it alone. Let others help you! Treatment is effective and can be life changing. If you have the desire, now is the time to act.

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