10 Ways That Sobriety Can Improve Your Life

Apr 23, 2019 | Blog, Addiction, Alcohol

These are 10 ways that sobriety can improve your life

  • Improved memory – I know that it is hard to believe, but sobriety can actually improve your memory. After a night on the town, you won’t have to ask anyone “What happened last night?”  No more amnesia or fuzzy thinking. 
  • Improved thinking – Most people don’t think, “I make great decisions when I am drinking.” Instead after a night of partying, they are more likely to say, “What the hell was I thinking last night?” Imagine waking up and knowing that “I was in the right mind last night.” 
  • Improved finances – Image how much money you can save if you don’t have to spend any money on alcohol or drugs. How many sober weekends would it take to be able to buy a new car or a great vacation? Who knows, you might even have some extra money in the bank at the end of the week. 
  • Improved relationships – Imagine not having to apologize anymore for the things you said or did last night because you were drunk. Who knows, your spouse, family, and friends might actually start to like you again. 
  • Driving without fear – You could actually be the designated driver and not have to worry if you have had too much to drink in order to drive home. No more looking in the review mirror for the police or fear of getting pulled over. 
  • Improved health – Yes, it is possible to wake up without a hangover. In fact, you can even wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on the challenges of the day. No telling what you might accomplish. 
  • More energy – When your body doesn’t have to recover from a night of partying, it has a lot more energy to do other things. You might actually start pursuing some of those goals that you used to have. 
  • Improved dependability – Nothing ruins a day faster than being griped at for things that you forgot to do. When you aren’t dealing with a hangover, you might actually be able to follow through on the things that you agreed to do. You might even complete some of those projects that you started. 
  • Improved self-respect – It is amazing how much more self-respect you can create when you know that you are no longer lying to yourself or others. Who knew that becoming honest, following through on promises, and creating healthy relationships could feel so good? 
  • Improved respect from others – Did you know that other people can actually begin to respect you again? When they can trust what you say and know that you will follow through on things, it is amazing how their view of you changes. 

Ready to improve your life? Why not give sobriety a try? It could change your life!

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