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The Words of Relapse

Jun 11, 2019 | Substance Abuse

Prior to relapsing, most alcoholics and addicts begin to convince themselves that drinking or doing drugs is possible again. They start preparing their mind to use again and often convince themselves that nothing bad will happen if they start drinking and doing drugs. Some of the most common things that alcoholics say prior to relapse include:

  • I don’t think that I am an alcoholic.
  • I have been good lately, so one drink shouldn’t hurt anything.
  • I deserve a drink.
  • I’m sick of people telling me what I can and cannot do.
  • I’m stressed out and need some relief.
  • Everyone else is drinking, why can’t I?
  • Things were better when I was drinking.
  • I want to just have some fun and forget about everything for a while.
  • One drink won’t hurt anything.
  • I just want to drink one more time and then I’ll be done.
  • It’s the holidays (wedding, special occasion, etc.) so it’s OK to have a drink.
  • I’m tired of fighting it.
  • You would drink too if you had to deal with what I have to deal with.
  • I can control it now.
  • I wonder what my old drinking buddies are up to.
  • No one will know.
  • It really wasn’t that bad when I was drinking.
  • I miss it.
  • I just like the taste.
  • I never drank because I had to, I only drank to relax and have fun.
  • Things will be different this time.

To prevent relapse, it is important to recognize the signs of distorted thinking. Maintaining sobriety often involves actively changing your thinking and becoming honest with yourself and others. Seek help and support rather than allowing the thoughts of drinking to consume your life.

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