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Online Adult Substance Abuse Programs

Jun 16, 2022 | Blog, Adult Treatment, Substance Abuse

The Online Adult Chemical Dependency Program is designed to provide structured treatment for adults who are struggling with alcohol and drug abuse issues. The online program is a 12-step based program and is designed to allow individuals the opportunity to begin the treatment process and develop the knowledge they need for long-term recovery and lasting sobriety. Individuals learn about the disease concept of addiction and about the effects that addiction has on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual functioning.

While in the online therapy program, you will learn the skills you need to manage the triggers that lead to relapse and develop the support network you need to maintain sobriety. Through the mutual support of other individuals in the group, clients and families frequently gain a renewed sense of hope and healing.

The online program is designed to maximize the opportunity to get clean and sober and to develop healthy relapse prevention skills.

Some of the areas that are covered in the program include:
  • Introduction to the 12-steps
  • In-depth processing of steps 1 through 4
  • Introduction to the disease concept of Chemical Dependency
  • Understanding of Post-Acute Withdrawal
  • Introduction to Bio-psychosocial Model of Recovery
  • Learning to accept personal responsibility for recovery
  • Developing “refusal skills”
  • Developing relapse prevention skills
  • Understanding health risks associated with addiction
  • Learning to change thinking patterns associated with addiction
  • Understanding the family roles in addiction
  • Overcoming the “triggers” of relapse
  • Understanding the stages of change in recovery
  • Tools of how to find effective sponsors and to use 12-step-based support groups effectively
  • Family communication skills
What to Expect

To be admitted into our adult online therapy programs, you must first be assessed by one of our therapists via telemedicine. During the assessment, the therapist will work with you to identify your goals for treatment and help you determine if our treatment programs are the best fit for your needs. Once the assessment is completed, if needed, you will then meet with a psychiatrist via telemedicine to evaluate your medication needs. After these assessments are complete, you will complete the admission paperwork and then begin the online treatment program. You can expect to spend about 3 hours a day in the Intensive Outpatient Program. The program operates Monday through Friday.

New Dimensions Can Help!

If you or someone you know is experiencing any of the above symptoms or problems, New Dimensions can help. Our team of experienced therapists and psychiatrists can help you overcome these challenges and help you develop the skills you need to thrive. To schedule a complementary assessment or to find out more about our programs, contact us at 1-800-685-9796.

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