How to Find Doctors for Alcoholism

Jul 16, 2019 | Addiction, Alcohol, Substance Abuse

Many people who struggle with alcoholism don’t know where to start when they begin looking for help. Since there are a variety of treatment options, it is helpful to know what the choices are so you can find the treatment that is right for you. Listed below are the types of providers that provide treatment for alcoholism in Texas.

  • Therapists – Licensed therapists are trained in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues. Therapists often can help you develop effective coping skills to combat alcoholism and help you work through the issues that may be contributing to your addiction. The primary types of therapists in Texas are:
    • Licensed Psychologists
    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists
    • Licensed Professional Counselors
    • Licensed Clinical Social Workers
    • Licensed Chemical Dependency Counselors
  • Psychiatrists – Psychiatrists are Medical Doctors who specialize in the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues. While some psychiatrists provide therapy, most focus exclusively on medication management. Some also have specific training in addictions and can help you with detox issues if needed. 
  • Primary Care Physicians – Some primary care physicians have experience in working with alcoholism and can assist you in identifying treatment options. It is also helpful to talk with your physician about your addiction issues so that they can help you monitor any physical health issues that may arise as a result of your alcoholism.
  • Detox Centers – If inpatient detox is needed, Detox centers can be a great resource. These centers specialize in helping individuals safely detox from alcohol. Some centers provide detox only, while others focus on both detox and treatment.
  • Treatment Programs – Treatment programs vary in length, setting, and focus. Listed below are the most common types of treatment programs for alcoholism.
    • Intensive Outpatient Treatment
    • Partial Hospitalization
    • Residential Treatment
    • Long-Term Residential
    • Half-Way House
    • Sober Living

When looking for a doctor to treat your alcoholism, it is helpful to remember that most providers tend to specialize in different areas. For instance, some therapists may work primarily with mental health issues while others focus more on substance abuse issues. When talking with providers, ask them about their experience and expertise in treating your areas of concern. Because therapy is often very effective at helping a person overcome alcoholism, some people find that they are able to successfully treat their issues without the use of medications. If medications are required, then your family physician can be a great place to start. However, it is helpful to remember that psychiatrists are specialists in psychiatric medication management and can often be the best choice when treating mental health or substance abuse issues.

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