A Thank You Poem for Dads on Father’s Day

Jun 5, 2019 | Family Issues

In honor of Father’s Day, we wanted to say Thank You to dads everywhere.

A is for the ways you teach us to Adapt.

B is for the ways you encourage us to be our Best.

C is for the Confidence that you show.

D is for the Determination that you help us develop.

is for the Excitement that you bring.

F is for the Fun that you provide.

G is for the Guidance that you give.

H is for the Happiness you provide.

I is for the Insight you give.

is for the Dad Jokes that make us smile.

K is for the Kindness that you show.

L is for the Love that you give.

M is for being a great Role Model.

N is for teaching us to Never Give Up.

O is for the Opportunities that you provide.

P is for the endless Patience you have.

Q is for the Quality time you spend with us.

R is for the Respect that you deserve.

S is for the Strength that you show.

is for how you encourage us to keep Trying even when things get hard.

U is for how Understanding you are.

V is for the Values that you teach.

W is for the Warmth that you give.

X is for the ways you help us Excel.

Y is for the times you say Yes to our requests.

Z is for how Amazing you are.

Happy Father’s Day from New Dimensions!

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